Certificate of Eligibility

A Certificate of Eligibility is issued before a visa application by a regional immigration bureau as certificate that the foreign national meets the conditions for landing in Japan, including the requirements that the activity in which the foreign national wishes to engage in Japan at the time of the landing examination is not fraudulent and is an activity that comes under a status of residence. A foreign national in possession of a Certificate of Eligibility can get a visa issued relatively much more easily at an embassy or consulate with the jurisdiction compared to the regular processing period. Moreover, it is the huge advantage that if the certificate is shown to the immigration officer at the time of the landing application the foreign national can more easily demonstrate that their status of residence conforms to the conditions for landing in Japan. Even in the case that the purpose is a long-term stay, the visa application can be made directly to the embassy or consulate without this certificate, however, in this case it will be necessary to submit a large number of verifying documents in addition to those above; and the processing will take a long time, several months, because the application documents will have to be sent to the immigration authority in Japan for examination, accordingly, it would be highly recommended to get a Cerificate of Eligibility before a visa application.

Application for Certificate of Eligibility

If you apply for a certificate of eligibility through our office, basically sepaking, you will not be required to appear at a regional immigration bureau. We collect required documents, apply at a regional immigration bureau on behalf of you, receive the certificate of eligibility and send it to you. You no longer concern about your status of residence.

Service & Fee
Service Fee Reference
Applicaiton for Certificate of Eligibility JPY78,000~ All Inclusive.
You do not need to appear at a regional immigration bureau.
In case of Investor / Business Manager Visa JPY148,000~ All Inclusive.
You do not need to appear at a regional immigration bureau.

Necessary Documents for Application

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Guarantee
  • Photo (4.0×3.0cm)
  • A return-mail envelope affixed with stamp(s) worth 402 yen
  • Supporting Documents etc.
  • Required documents differ depending on the status of residence which you apply for.
  • Applicants sometimes need to submit documents/materials other than stipulated in the Immigration Control Act.