Resident Card -Zairyu Card-

A residence card, zairyu-card, is issued to mid term and long term residence by the new residency management system. A residence card contains a portrait photo of the foreign national, basic personal information such as the name, resident status, period of stay and so on. Foreign residents can apply for a resident card at Regional Immigration Bureaus.
From July 10, 2012, by abolition of the Ailen Registration Act., ailen resitration cards are no longer issued to foreign nationals who newly reside in Japan. Current ailen resitration cards will be alternatively considered as a resident card until July 8, 2015 or when the current visa expires, which comes first, and will be replaced with a resident card.

Be Exempted from Regional Immigration Bureaus!

You can apply for a resident card but must appear at a regional immigration bureau.
We collect required documents, apply at a regional immigration bureau, receive the resident card and hand it over to you. You no longer concern about your status of residence.