Type of Visa

Based on the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, in principle a foreign national wishing to enter Japan is required to have a valid passport issued by the government of their own country with a visa issued by the Government of Japan, excluding nationals with visa exemption agreement with Japan. The visa indicates that it is appropriate for the foreign national to enter and stay in Japan. Moreover, holding a visa is only one of the requirements for entering Japan and does not guarantee that the holder of the visa will be able to enter Japan. Visas are issued in the Japanese embassy or consulate in the foreign country. Visas cannot be obtained after arriving in Japan.

Temporary Visitor Visa
Short Term Stay Visa So-called "Turist Visa". The peirod of stay is up to 90 days at most.
For turism, business, visiting friends or relatives etc.,other than paid activities.
Nationals of the countries with visa exemption agreement with Japan are excluded.
Working Visa
Professor University Professors, Assistant Professors, Assistants, etc.
Artist Composers, Songwriters, Artists, Photographers, etc.
Religious Activities Monks, Bishops, Missionaries, etc.
Journalist Newspaper / Magazine Journalists, Editors, News Cameramen, Announcers, etc.
Investor / Business Manager Company Presidents, Officers, etc.
Legal / Accounting Services Lawyers, Tax Accountants, etc. certified in Japan
Medical Services Physicians, dentists, Pharmacists, nurses, certified in Japan
Researcher Researchers, Investigators etc. at Research Institutes, etc.
Instructor Teachers, etc. at elementary, intermediate and high schools
Engineer Scientific Engineers, IT Engineers, etc.
Specialist in Humanities / International Services Foreign Language Teachers, Interpreters, Copywriters, designers, etc.
Intra-Company Transferee People Transferred to the Japanese Branch, etc.
Entertainer Musicians, Actors, Singers, Dancers, Sports People, Models, etc.
Skilled Labor Chefs Specializing in the Food of a Foreign Country, Animal Trainers, Pilots, Sports Trainers, etc.
General Visa
Cultral Activities Unpaid Internships, etc.
College Student College Students, Pre-College Students, etc.
Training Trainees in a Local Government, etc.
Family Stays Spouse and Children, etc. of One on a Long-Term-Stay
Specified Visa
Spouse, etc. of a Japanese National Spouse, Children of a Japanese National
Spouse, etc. of a Permanent Resident Spouse, Children of a Permanent Resident
Long-Term-Resident Persons with Japanese ancestry, etc.
Designated Activities Working Holiday, Nurses and Care Workers based on EPA, etc.